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What Are The Benefits of Snow Removal?



Snow removal also provides great benefits to your business/property. By having snow removed at a designated point during a snow event, you won’t have to worry about slip/fall incidents from employees or customers. When safety is involved, leave it to the professionals.

  • Highly reduced risk of slip-fall injuries and lawsuits
  • Maintain a safe environment for employees

  • Maintain a safe environment for residents

  • Safety is negatively impacted when no snow removal is performed

  • Ice can be very slippery and dangerous to walk or drive on


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Snow Removal Responsibilities

Snow and ice on sidewalks can be slippery and dangerous, not only to mail carriers and other delivery people but also to senior citizens, children, disabled people and the public in general.

As a resident or property owner, it is your responsibility to keep city sidewalks adjacent to your property free and clear of snow and ice, even though the sidewalks may be behind or outside the rear and side fences and adjacent to any street.

Snow and ice must be removed within 24 hours after a snowfall ends, and 48 hours after a snow emergency is declared by the city.

To ensure pedestrian safety, code enforcement officers respond to citizen complaints concerning lack of snow and ice removal from sidewalks. An Administrative Fee, $25 for single-family and $50 for all others, will be imposed after 24 hours and again after 48 hours, if the snow is not removed. The city’s contractor will then be requested to remove the snow and/or ice, and the property owner or financial institution will be billed for all costs incurred.

Chronic Violators will also be issued a Summons to appear in Aurora Municipal Court. Officers are not required to give a warning notice prior to issuing a snow ticket.

To make a complaint about a property that has not shoveled, contact Access Aurora at 303.739.7000.

To ask questions about the snow removal ordinance, contact the Neighborhood Support Division at 303.739.7280.

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