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We are a family owned landscaping company based in Boulder, Colorado since 1983.

Our clients´ establishments include office buildings, shopping malls, retirement communities, schools, homeowners associations and large private properties as well as small residential properties.

Our team is composed of experienced professionals in their line of work. We use specialized and new commercial equipment to accomplish our restorative and preventive maintenance. All to achieve the results each client desires.

Torii lawn has a wide variety of landscaping options for residential and commercial clients in Denver, Colorado. Our team of experts provides regular lawn and garden maintenance. Additionally, we are also excellent at Boulder CO water sprinkler and irrigation system installations. We are great at building a new Denver landscape, we introduce landscaping. For your gardening needs in Boulder, Torii lawn will be here to help!


Fulfill the landscaping needs of small, medium and large companies, through professional cleaning, gardening and maintenance services. Carry out each with high quality standards, personnel, products and procedures. which will allow these obligations to be released from the company so they can focus on their main business objectives.


To be the leading landscaping company with multiple services regarding our capacity to offer the highest quality in maintenance  cleaning, gardening and maintenance to adapt and fulfill the needs of each of our clients. 


We are a company with integrity, honesty and complete responsibility towards all the clients that are benefited by our services, all of which are reflected by the positive relationships we maintain with all our clients.


Consolidate our services with the significant contribution of qualified, reliable, motivated and prepared collaborators for the execution of each of our functions in the responsible and efficient manner. Always in attempts to be at the forefront of such an important service.

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